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Jeff and Annie met at UCSD Library Walk during Welcome Week of 2011. Jeff was flyering for a fundraiser for his fraternity while Annie was flyering for Welcome Week events for her church, Kairos Christian Church. The moment Jeff saw Annie, he knew she was to be his future wife and started to pursue her.

Through Kairos, Thanksgiving, Hunger Games and lots of late night Facebook chats, Jeff eventually made Annie fall in love with him.

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Jeff proposed to Annie on July 23rd, 2016 on Library Walk at UCSD where they first met.

He created an escape room/scavenger hunt where Annie would have to navigate through all of the clues laid out on the table to unlock the wooden box which contained the flyer that she first handed him.

She struggled with the clues, but after several hints, she finally found the key and unlocked the box and Jeff snuck up behind her and got down on one knee.

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