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Annie’s Party

Annie Kim


Annie first met Jeff on Library Walk at UCSD and was unsure of what to think of him at first. Through Jeff's persistence and pursuit after her heart, he won her over!

Annie currently works at UCSD Health, as a Human Resource Compensation Analyst. She loves working for her alma mater and plans to stay there for a while, or at least until she locks in her retirement benefits.

Her hobbies include watching vlogs, eating, shopping and finding a good bargain. Her future hobbies will hopefully include cooking Korean and Chinese food, traveling and vlogging.

Annie is looking forward to getting married and starting a new chapter in life with Jeff. She is excited to decorate and furnish their place together as a married couple. She is looking forward to making breakfast pancakes in the morning with Jeff (if he can even wake up for it!).

Jeffrey Li


Jeff first met Annie on Library Walk at UCSD and instantly fell in love. There is never a dull moment when they are together and he loves making her rofl.

Jeff currently works at ACEA Biosciences, a biotech company in San Diego, where he does digital marketing and design. His dream job is to one day work at Google and to eventually start his own company.

His current hobbies include Netflix, learning about technology, video editing, graphic design, music and football. His future hobbies will hopefully include grilling and smoking meat, woodworking and music production.

Jeff of course is very excited to get married and go off on his honeymoon, but he also looks forward to getting a home with Annie where they can design, furnish and build the ultimate media center.

Jeff’s Party

Bomi Kim

Maid of Honor

As Annie’s one and only sister, Bomi knows everything there is to know of Annie. Bomi has known Annie all her life! As a kid, Bomi’s nickname for Annie used to be “Daddy Long Legs”.

Even though Bomi is the reason why Annie hates cucumbers, Annie has benefitted a lot from having Bomi as her sister. From learning how to shape her eyebrows, to getting ready for High school dances, and even ditching school; Annie has gained a lot of insight from Bomi. They share a lot of interests, including Disney, singing, shopping, and most importantly The Office.

Bomi has a servant heart and easily becomes anyone's friend. Bomi takes pride in her profession as a middle school special education teacher and drives a spice orange Mini Cooper!

Bianca Bae


Bianca and Annie have been friends since elementary as they grew up in the same church. Bianca moved to San Diego for undergrad one year after Annie which gave them the opportunity to grow closer to each other. Bianca takes Annie to all the hipster-y places in San Diego and keeps Annie in the ‘know’. Bianca may not approve of crocs, but she still accepts the fact Annie owns a pair (or two).

Bianca has a unique and distinct laugh that comes out of her ability to find excitement in the small things in life. Bianca is an excellent listener and will let Annie talk and talk and talk and talk as she listens patiently.

Chris Koo

Best Man

Chris and Jeff first met in college as members of the same fraternity. They were both known for their unique dance moves, but there is nothing more amazing than watching Chris dance to Bojangles.

Chris moved back to Norcal after college to teach, but moved back to San Diego about a year later. Chris joined Jeff at Kairos Christian Church in San Diego which ignited a fiery bromance.

Chris works out a lot, does MMA and has trained Jeff at the gym and helped him develop a somewhat full chest for the first time.

Chris has a unique relationship with Jeff, as they knew each other as fraternity brothers and later as brothers in the same church. Chris and Jeff currently serve as small group leaders for the upperclassmen guys.

Ben Blackman


Ben and Jeff have known each other since elementary school and lived down the street from each other.

The two started out as mortal enemies. They were both in a group project and things got real heated. Jeff chased Ben out onto the field where they got into a brawl and Jeff completely overpowered Ben.

Somehow, they became best friends soon after that and would scooter home together from school every day. They also produced cult classics such as 'Chef Jeff and Assistant Ben' and 'American Propaganda Movie'.

Though they have been separated since graduating high school, Ben and Jeff keep in touch and enjoy reminiscing every time Jeff visits home.

Diane Chun


Diane and Annie met freshman year through Kairos Christian Church. The two started a friendship that went on to face many facets of college life together. The first day they ever met, they danced together all night long, literally! There is a video of that dance somewhere in the internet, but they would rather keep that hidden away.

Diane was a pivotal friend that supported Jeff and Annie. Annie can always rely on Diane to have her back and offer a good time. Diane is always willing to listen and knows the value of honesty. Diane has seen Annie at her best and her worst, and she continues to love and support her without hesitation!

Michelle Chung


Michelle and Annie first met in elementary school through church in Torrance. After graduating middle school, Michelle moved away. But God had plans to reunite them in the future in San Diego. The two reconnected freshmen year at UCSD through mutual friends and Kairos Christian Church.

Michelle and Annie have shared a lot of moments of laughter and tears. Through the years of growing closer to God through Kairos, the two also grew closer to each other. The two can openly discuss every topic of conversion, with every statement exemplifying the grace of God in their lives. Michelle is going to bring about transformation in this world, both mind and heart, equipped with her degree and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Isaac Hong


Isaac and Jeff first met in college when Isaac joined Lambdas. Isaac is Jeff's little brother in the fraternity and have enjoyed a close relationship.

They formed a powerful bond in college and had many deep talks about Lambdas, girls and church. Many girls thought that Isaac and Jeff were real life brothers because they looked so much alike or maybe because they were both sporting faux hawks.

Jeff has a lot of sisters, so he cherishes the opportunity to have a little brother to share all of his wisdom with.

Joshua Huang


Josh and Jeff first met when Josh was born and are currently cousins. Jeff has 3 younger sisters so Josh is the closest thing he has to a brother.

Josh and Jeff were obsessed with James Bond movies and formed their own secret spy organization and spy code to communicate. Their greatest accomplishment was to get the other cousins to sign a petition to get rid of their dreaded enemies, the A's (Amanda and Allison).

Their cousinship/friendship continued into college as they both attended schools in SoCal and occasionally met up. The two continue to have a close relationship where they love talking about tech and entrepreneurship.

Christine Hwang


Christine and Annie grew up in the same church and have been close friends since they were 7 years old. The two have shared a lot of memories together as their families went on many trips across California. Even though Christine moved to Northern California for undergrad, Christine and Annie, along with their close friends Erica and Stacy, continued to share life through late night talks and prayers.

Christine is selfless and compassionate; she has a big heart for God’s people and his creation, particularly cute small animals. Christine is wise, far beyond her years, and has blessed Annie with her friendship in many ways. Christine Lee is retiring her last name to be a Hwang.

Charisus Tay


Charisus lived with Annie all throughout college. Friends used to call Charisus and Annie sisters because they kind of looked alike. Annie calls Charisus, “Susla” because she is Singaporean-la. She and Annie used to jam out together on the guitar and sing songs from all sorts of genres: Christian, Musical, Pop, Asian… list goes on. Charisus and Annie started going out to Karios Christian Church together since day one of college.

Charisus is studious and hardworking. She aims for a goal and does her best to reach it. She also has the voice of an angel. Charisus is a licensed drug dealer and currently resides in the land of heat and no gum.

Clayton Lin


Clay and Jeff first met through Kairos Football. Their friendship escalated quickly as Clay played center and snapped the ball to Jeff who stood very closely behind him.

Their friendship grew deeper as they formed an accountability group with Espana and share with each other their struggles, encourage each other and keep each other accountable.

Clay and Jeff share an obsession with the KPOP sensation SISTAR and have enjoyed spending time dancing to 'Touch My Body' together.

Clay referred Jeff to his current job at ACEA Biosciences. They enjoy stopping by each other's cubicles to talk about podcasts, body hacking, supplements, credit card rewards and SISTAR. They are also currently poop buddies.

Davis Tran


Davis and Jeff first met at UCSD where they pledged Lambdas together. They both lived at the epic AQ Lambda House their junior year of college.

Davis is a whiz at Photoshop and with Jeff's video editing skills, the pair made a legendary recruitment team. The thrill and excitement of their creative successes helped Jeff to make the decision to follow his passions and pursue a career in marketing and design.

Davis loves Kanye like Kanye loves Kayne.