Jeff and Annie met at UCSD Library Walk during Welcome Week of 2011. Jeff was flyering for a fundraiser for his fraternity while Annie was flyering for Welcome Week events for her church, Kairos Christian Church. The moment Jeff saw Annie, he knew she was to be his future wife and started to pursue her. Jeff started attending Kairos, hoping it would give him an opportunity to get to know her more. Things weren’t looking good however, and Jeff chickened out during the rare opportunities that they had.

Things were looking bleak, until one fateful day after Kairos’ Thanksgiving Banquet, Annie and Jeff happened to be in the same car and Annie politely invited Jeff to start reading Hunger Games with her, unintentionally creating a two-person book club. After having countless conversations on Facebook Messenger and study sessions through the rest of the quarter, the two stayed connected through their winter break at home.

Upon arriving back in San Diego from winter break, Annie and Jeff had their official first date. About a month later, Jeff told Annie that he liked her at a friend’s going-away party. On February 12, 2012, Annie reciprocated the interest and the two become an official couple.